Things To Know About Dental Implant


For many people, there is nothing as shameful as missing a tooth. It can really lower one’s self-esteem. Having missing teeth can make one avoid social occasions, thereby living a lonely life. In addition to this, missing teeth can make an individual look older than his or her actual age. The good news is that there are several treatments that can help solve this problem. Most of these treatments rely extensively on dentures or bridgework. A dental implant is more often than not, a great way to fix the problem of missing teeth. As a result, one will be able to have his or her teeth back.

Generally, this procedure is usually performed by an implant dentist. The process utilizes anadvanced surgical procedure to fuse teeth or a tooth to the jawbone. The procedure is often recommended for people with good oral health. For example, having strong bones and healthy gums is an added advantage. The failure or success of the procedure will heavily depend on the health of the individual receiving it. Once the teeth have been implanted, they can last a lifetime. In fact, a patient will forget that he or she once had a dental implant. It is quite difficult to tell whether a person has received a dental implant.

The benefits of dental implants are numerous. For a candidate with a perfect oral health, the chances of the procedure being successful are quite high. With a dental implant, no one will ever know that a person has fake teeth, unless the person decides to reveal it. The procedure can be used to plant a tooth, teeth or the entire teeth. A dental implant can be carried out on people of all ages. The procedure can take a few months but the end results will last for a lifetime. In other words, it will be permanent. Artificial teeth can look even more beautiful than natural teeth. A person, who was used to hide his or her teeth in social situation, will never stop smiling after undergoing the procedure. It will boost confidence and self-esteem of a person, as a result.

Most people wonder whether or not dental implants come with side effects and complications. As has mentioned before, as long as one has a perfect oral health, the chances of the procedure backfiring are extremely low. However, swelling is a normal condition that one will experience after the surgery. Nonetheless, this will only last for a week or two. Other symptoms may include bleeding and pain in the injured areas. The patient is often given antibiotics and painkillers during the recovering period. The dentist in Point Cook may also advise the patient with regards to what he or she should eat. Eating certain types of food may damage the gum or cause more pain to the injured part. This will ensure that the patient recovers as soon as possible.

Overall, dental implants come with lots of benefits and advantages. In fact, trusted dentists prefer it over dentures and bridges. The cost of the procedure is quite high, but this should not intimidate anyone.